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The Robust Incentives Group is a research team of the Ethereum Foundation. We specialise in incentive analysis for protocols, using methods from game theory, mechanism design, empirical analysis and simulations. Since our foundation, we actively participated in research on EIP-1559 and Proof-of-Stake Ethereum. Find our releases, posts, and papers on this homepage!

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RIG Open Questions (ROPs)

We propose a set of Open Questions we’re looking to collaborate on. Find more details on the ROPs homepage!



Research on Ethereum Proof-of-Stake consensus

Beacon Runner: Proof-of-Stake digital twin

Ongoing effort to produce an incentives-focused testing environment for the consensus layer.

Data analysis

Consensus layer and validator analytics.

Fee markets

abm1559: Agent-based modelling of the fee market

Simulations and analysis of transaction fee markets, specifically EIP-1559.

Data analysis

Financial products for blockspace

Other publications


Proposer-Builder Separation (PBS)



Meet the RIG and check our previous talks!

Talk Speaker Location Date Link
Time in Ethereum Caspar Devcon 6 12 October 2022 Video + Slides
ELI5 Cryptoeconomics Julian Devcon 6 11 October 2022 Video + Slides
Updates on Proposer-Builder Separation Barnabé Devcon 6 11 October 2022 Video + Slides
Making sense of rollup economics Barnabé EthCC[5] 20 July 2022 Video + Slides
Modelling blockchain protocols: Consensus and fee markets Barnabé SMGT Erice 14 May 2022 Slides
Let me in! Let me IIINNNN! A longitudinal study of the transaction supply chain from CryptoKitties to MEV-Boost to PBS Barnabé @ Devconnect 22 April 2022 Video + Slides
Notes on Ethereum’s circulating supply equilibrium and the prospect of perpetual deflation via minimum viable issuance under proof of stake Anders ETHconomics @ Devconnect 21 April 2022 Video + Slides (TBA)
ETHconomics RIG team ETHconomics @ Devconnect 21 April 2022 Videos + Schedule
Three Attacks on PoS Ethereum Caspar Financial Cryptography 2022 19 April 2022 Video + Slides
Proposer-Builder Separation (PBS) Barnabé Protocol R&D Workshop @ Devconnect 19 April 2022 Slides
Robust incentives testing at the Robust Incentives Group Barnabé Workshop on Incentive Mechanism Validation (WIMV) @ Devconnect 18 April 2022 Video + Slides
The road to Ethereum (2022 version) Barnabé SUTD Guest Lecture 11 April 2022 Slides
Protocol Cryptoeconomics Barnabé NTU Blockchain workshop 20 December 2021 Slides
Economics of EIP-1559 Barnabé Berlin Ethereum Meetup 4 November 2021 Slides
The Game of Reorgs in PoS Ethereum Caspar LisCon 2021 20 October 2021 Video + Slides
Employing a reinforcement learning-based framework to analyze incentive mechanism attacks on Ethereum blockchain Shyam EDCON 2021 28 August 2021 Video
Post-London EIP-1559 Assessment Barnabé EIP-1559 breakout call #12 13 August 2021 Video
Protocol cryptoeconomics with the RIG Barnabé EthCC[4] 20 July 2021 Video + Slides
Ethereum : Un protocole en mutation Barnabé EthCC[4] 20 July 2021
PEEPanEIP #37: EIP-1559: Fee market change with Tim Beiko, Barnabé Monnot, Micah Zoltu Barnabé Ethereum Cat Herders 21 June 2021 Video + Slides
The road to Ethereum Barnabé Online (SUTD) 9 April 2021 Blog post
En route pour eip1559 Barnabé Online (Ethereum France, in French) 10 November 2020 Video + Slides
Strategic issues in EIP 1559 Barnabé Online (ETHTaipei) 15 October 2020 Video + Slides
Ethereum’s new transaction fee market design, EIP 1559 Barnabé Online (SUTD) 25 September 2020 Notes/slides
cadCAD community call #2 Barnabé Online 28 August 2020 Video + Slides
Eth Magicians EIP 1559 panel Barnabé Online 29 July 2020 Video
RIG Bouillabaisse Barnabé EthCC[3] 3 March 2020 Slides
OpenSUTD Blockchain development IAP Barnabé SUTD 16 January 2020 Slides